Thursday, February 14, 2008

PlascoEnergy Group

PlascoEnergy GroupThis company is amazing! They take trash and convert it into energy using a process called plasma gasification. Plasma gasification uses plasma (super heated gas) to break down (not burn) trash into its basic elements. This allows all kinds of trash to be disposed of. Things like biomedical waste, toxic chemicals, concrete, metal, plastics.

Plasco Energy Group has the only full scale working prototype of its kind. What makes Plasco unique is how it organizes the material afterwards. Plasco uses a series of tubes (like the internet!) to sort the material so it is more useful and sends it through turbines to create energy. The most amazing part is once their power plant gets running, it produces enough electricity to sustain itself and put some power back into the grid. Plus after the process is complete, there is only about 0.2% waste product.

Check out the video by the Discovery Channel

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